Friday, 19 April 2013

Finish the Sentence Friday: I thought I was so cool

This week's sentence to finish is:

I thought I was so cool when...

... I was in second grade. We were on our annual field day and just about to have our lunch break. The adults were making a fire at the BBQ area and my best friend and I were goofing around.

My dad had given me his old camera some time ago. It was a manual camera with a real film inside (no, digital photography was probably considered sci-fi back then and still some 200 years in the future!) and after you pressed the release you had to transport the film with a little wheel on the camera. Wow, now I feel really old. 

Anyway, my friend and I were goofing around with our hiking sticks. Now, as you know it was the last century, so it was no high-tech hiking stick like people use nowadays when they go for a simple walk....

This is called "Nordic Walking" where I live and is considered a kind of sport.
Photo credits

... no, we just had a plain and simple wooden branch each. Totally uncool nowadays, if you ask me. Back then? Coool!

It looked something like this but without the green. We found it on our hike.
Photo credits

So while the adults were busy preparing the fire for our BBQ we were posing with our sticks and taking pictures of us. My friend acted (in my opinion) super cool with her stick and sat on it like a witch and I was trying to get such a cool picture of me, too. Since I could not steal her pose (totally uncool!) I tried another one.

I put the stick on the ground and leaned on it with my full weight on my décolleté. Obviously that was a bad idea because I slipped while I tried to pose super cool and the stick ripped the skin on my décolleté open. But because I was so keen on looking cool I acted like nothing happened although it hurt like hell!

The picture that was finally taken was another one: I held the stick in my hand and stood next to it without any weight on the stick. Totally a cool pose... not. You can clearly see in my face that I was not feeling cool because I tried to hide the pain from my friend. However, when I look at the picture I always have to grin because I remember what happens when I try to be cool.

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  1. Sounds like when I try to be cool, because I am a total klutz from way back. I have lost count how many times I have fallen or tripped or just done something incredibly stupid, lol!! Thanks for sharing this story and for linking up with us!! :)

  2. Oh my friend, I should apologize for laughing so hard I snorted my diet coke. I am thinking where is the picture? Or better yet, commission Kristi to draw a rendition. HAHAHAHA sorry, so sorry, but I can just picture this in my head and cannot stop chuckling. I hope you healed okay! HAHAHAHAHA

    1. Yes, I healed okay, thanks for asking! And don't worry about your laugh, I have to laugh when I think about it, too!

      Oh yeah, great idea! Kristi, please draw me a picture of stupid me posing and ripping my chest, if you are so inclined?

    2. OOOH cool! I'd love to draw you a picture of this because laughing so hard that it's made my day better :D
      I am SO uncoordinated, too and would totally do something like this. The funniest part is you trying to hide your pain from your friend. Hee hee!

  3. Ohhh, that's awful! Kinda made me want to cry! And laugh, too... ;) Yeah, I am pretty uncool, and definitely ungraceful!

  4. yikes! Guess you learned something, at least?! ;) I'm officially on the FTSF bandwagon, btw!

  5. ...and what is it about the state of mind when something like what you describe happens?? I can recall something much like your stick incident, and maybe it was the shock grabbing my brain, but there were two things going through my <14 yo mind: "what??!! how is this?? and (immediately followed by) get back to the normal world that does not involve blood and wind-knocked-out-of-chest....)
    I still recall that very strange feeling, and I can't recall my physical reactions that much...

    cool post

  6. omg - ouch! I didn't know people used hiking sticks. See how outta the loop I am?

    I would love for you to join the party at my I Don't Like Mondays Blog Hop! It's open all week!


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