Friday, 29 March 2013

The shortest update in the history of mankind

All is well here, I just do not find the time to blog properly. Sunny is on holiday this week and will also be home next week, and this is when blogging is nearly impossible for me.

I returned from my parent's place on Tuesday and then had loads of laundry to do, pack away our stuff, get a lot of things organised and so on. Just the usual stuff.

It is just that the last weeks have been crazily busy and every time I started to catch up I either visited my family or had to stay at the hospital with Sunny.... I have the feeling that I will never be able to catch up on all my favourite blogs and all the other social media stuff. And as much as I love social media sometimes it feels like a burden because I always feel the need to be on top of everything, to stay in touch with my fellow bloggers and all. Next month I am going to attend the confirmation of my nephew which means another weekend away from here.

Photo credits

The weather is still horrible in my neck of the woods, it is cold, rainy, and grey. Anyway, I just wanted to wish all of you wonderful Easter celebrations! I hope to get back to my regular self again soon. Enjoy the days with your families and loved ones!

PS: So glad I do not have to take care of any Easter decoration because the Easter bunny never left its place ;-)


  1. i hope you post a photo of that bunny in your next week in pictures post! have a happy weekend! and enjoy the time off with sunny! we have spring break here next week, but have so many appointments that it won't feel like much of a break at all!


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