Monday, 4 March 2013

Just a short update

Today I am trying to settle into my normal routine again. But there is a lot of work to do and, therefore, I will have to keep this short.

We were discharged from the hospital again on Friday. The MRI went well and the result is that it is also NAD. So a stroke, a bleeding or a thrombus can be definitely ruled out. I am so glad about that! What is left as a possibility is that it could have been a seizure. Therefore, we will have a follow-up EEG in about four weeks. The neurologist told me that even if it was a seizure does not mean it has to inevitably happen again. Actually, it is possible that it might never happen again.

But nevertheless I am so scared because I was always afraid of the possibility of Sunny getting seizures at some point in his life. I know that his diagnosis (developmental delay) makes him prone to seizures and this was always one of my biggest fears. I try to stay calm but that is so difficult right now.

On a lighter note, Sunny is totally back to his own self again. He is the happy, funny, carefree, and enthusiastic boy he always is and for that I am so grateful. His body functions are also all back 100 %.

The rest will remain to be seen. I am already dreading the follow-up EEG right now because I am afraid of what it might unveil. So we could really use some good thoughts, vibes and prayers from you. Thank you!


  1. First, I will definitely send every thought, prayer and good vibe to both you and to Sunny. Second, I am so glad you are both home and that the MRI went well and that Sunny is back to his usual playful self. What a relief. I know you are very worried about the follow-up EEG, but try to just stay in the moment as worrying won't help and will just drive you crazy. Hugs to you both!!

  2. Sending every positive vibe I have in your direction. Welcome home Sunny :)

  3. Omg! I had no idea! I have to get caught up on what is going on. What is NAD?

  4. Reading this on my phone so have no idea if my comment was processed. I haven't been reading anything while we were sick so I had no idea sunny had bad a seizure. How scary that must have been! Glad all is well for now. What does NAD stand for?

  5. Thank you for all you wonderful words! I really appreciate your support!!

    Misty, we are not really sure yet if it really was a seizure. It is still only an assumption made by ruling out every other possibility. Today our osteopath told me that this can also occur as an aura before a sick headache for example, so I guess there are still other possibilites. And NAD means No Abnormalty Detected which is the translation for the German term the doctors use here when everything seems to be normal with regard to the outcome of an examination. I thought it was a frequently used term in the US but obviously isn't if you have to ask for the meaning ;-) How would you say?


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