Monday, 11 March 2013

In love with Girl Scout Cookies and my blogging friends!

Some time ago I had a conversation (in the blog post and the comment section) on Girl Scout Cookies with Misty from Meet The Cottons. She asked me about my favourite cookies. When I had to admit that we do not have Girl Scouts here and, therefore, I never ate any Girl Scout Cookie in my whole life, Misty almost could not believe it. She said that everyone was entitled to enjoy Girl Scout Cookies and that she wanted to help me close that gap in eating experience in my life. So, a few e-mails back and forth later I decided on the kind of cookies I wanted to try.

Fast forward some weeks later. Today I received a package in the mail. It was from Misty. It included a box of Samoas, the cookies I had chosen. I was so curious to know what they were like so I ripped open the packaging and tried one immediately. And they are SO delicious that I just ate another one. I will savour them because I only have one box, so I'll indulge in them only now and then.

I want to point out how much I love that Misty was kind enough to make the effort and to invest the money to have those cookies shipped to me. It really is such a kind gesture and I appreciate it so very much. Thank you, dear Misty, I am really glad that you cared that much! And, as I already said, if you ever need anything from my side of the world, just let me know!

Sometimes the internet still amazes me. It makes interaction across the globe so easy and such a normal thing but, when you really think about it, it is still a huge accomplishment! I love it!


  1. That was SO sweet of her! And Samoas... they are the BEST cookie of them all :)

  2. Wow, that was really sweet of her! And YUM, Samoas are AWESOME.

  3. Well, I am totally sitting her with a grin across my face! I am so happy that you enjoyed the cookies! And I'm happy they got there in one piece! Next year, you'll have to try another cookie, I recommend the Tagalongs!

    1. You should have seen my grin! :-) The box is already almost empty (they are just too good!) and my husband was totally surprised when I offered the cookies to him and revealed where they were from! Thank you so much for offering cookies for next year again! *hugs*
      Drop me a line if you need anything, okay?


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