Tuesday, 19 February 2013

He's got balls

... and I mean that literally ;-)

Lately, Sunny is crazy about balls. It took him years to like them. When other kids already loved playing with balls, he couldn't have cared less about them. We tried to play with balls with him for years but he was so not interested in them.

Now, within the last weeks, they have become some of his most important and most loved toys. And here is my confession: I really, really dislike playing with balls. I am very bad at playing with balls. I do not have any talent for balls whatsoever. I am not good at throwing them and not good at catching them either. I am annoyed at how they roll away when you were not able to catch them and then you have to run after them. But the point is that Sunny wants to play ball with me together. So what is a mother going to do? Yeah, you guessed right, we play balls together because that is what makes him squeak with delight, giggle and belly-laugh right now. And he just cannot get enough of it.

So the first thing he does as soon as he comes home is get all of his gazillion balls and gather them on the landing of our staircase. Then I have to sit down on the bottom of the staircase. He throws all his balls down the stairs and I have to throw them up again on the landing. Mind you, I said that I am not good at throwing balls. So sometimes I throw a single ball up there three times until it stays on the landing because
a) I threw it too hard, it hits the wall and immediately comes back to me again
b) I threw too soft so that it does not even make it up to the landing and it bounces back from one of the stairs
c) I threw the ball crappy because I always try not to hit him with the ball (which is not easy for someone like me because I am bad at aiming, too, and the landing is not very big) and it goes anywhere.

This game seems to me to go on forever, until my arm hurts from throwing. And just as I sit comfy on the floor he shovels all of his balls down on me at once, they jump and bounce anywhere and since I am not good at catching them (and there are too many balls to catch now anyway) they roll away and I have to get up again and gather them. Did I already mention that this annoys me?

Believe me, there are many more balls in this house. I just could not find more right now. They are hidden EVERYWHERE. Yesterday I found one in the hood of my winter coat that was hanging at the wardrobe. Must have bounced in there somehow.

But you know what? Just as much as a dislike playing with balls I love how happy this game makes him. His joyful laughter is the most beautiful sound in the whole wide world to me. And this is why I play ball, every single day, although my arm hurts and I am annoyed and I would rather do anything else. Because that is what I do: always try to make him happy if I can.


  1. Awww. I would recommend a puppy to chase the ball, but they are not dependable to bring the ball back. So I recommend ice for the arm. :)

    1. OMG, a puppy on top of all the chaos that Sunny already produces!!? I guess I will stick with the ice for my arm! :-)

  2. Aw! What we'll do for an awesome laugh from our little ones, huh? You're so awesome! I can just picture you guys playing (which would be easier if I knew if the picture in my head is close to real life, hint, hint). ;)
    And YAY Sunny for gaining such a quick love of balls! Progress, little man!

    Hey, you know that "Tagged" game going around? Do you want to play? I was all ready to tag you and then realized that maybe you don't WANT to answer a bunch of questions, so I thought I'd ask. No hard feelings either way. Let me know, ok? :)

    1. Thanks, Kristi! xo You've got mail! ;-)
      And yes, tag me!


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