Friday, 4 January 2013

Where has the time gone? Aka I sound like my grandmom

Some weeks ago I told you about that scrapbook I bought when Sunny was still in my belly. As I said, it is to keep memories for the ages 0-5. So it was finally time to take his hand and foot prints again as he reached the age the book requests for the second pair of prints. We took them two days ago.

When I look at them I am totally surprised and full of wonder. When did he become such a big boy!? It was only a blink of an eye ago that he was a tiny, dependent newborn baby, small and fragile. Oh how time flies! And oh, all the things he learnt to do and be since then! My heart swells when I think of all his accomplishments!

PS: I will be back to posting regularly again when Sunny returns to kindergarten which is on Monday. 


  1. Yo Joy! I think we're on the same brainwave. The draft I wrote last night for today's post (that I'm just now getting to edit) has "where has the time gone" in the third sentence. Crazy :)
    I love the footprints and handprints. So cute!! <3
    Happy weekend!

    1. Kristi, that's not crazy, it's because we are kindred spirits! :-)


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