Thursday, 17 January 2013


Dear friends,

I read about this thing called Crockpot EVERYWHERE! It seems like the holy grail to every decent housewife in the US.

So please tell me: what is a Crockpot? What can it do? Will it do my laundry, mop the floors, shave my legs, make the bed? If not, what is so special about it? And the most important question of it all: do I need one, too?

Yours truly,


  1. I use mine twice a year. For family parties when I need a large dish. Otherwise it lays forgotten in my basement. But I did nto know it could possibly do dishes :)

  2. Ha! Too funny. I use mine about 1/month. What makes it magic is that you can throw a bunch of food in it and let it cook on low for half the day and whatever it is will probably turn out really good. I'd wait to buy one though until they make a model that will mop your floors. I mean really, do the crockpot makers have NO innovation? Time to step it up, people!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I am still unsure if I need one or not. Kristi, do you think I should contact the manufacturers about the mop thing or other special features? Maybe I would get some money for a new patent?

    Seriously, this is totally unknown in Germany but it sounds quite good. But most of my friends I told about it were afraid it would burn down the house because it cooks for hours unattended...

  4. i think crockpot used to be a brand name. the generic term is "slow cooker" and if you invest in one you must also buy the Reynold's Slow Cooker liners. it's a big plastic bag that lines the pot preventing the food from mucking the pot up, much easier to clean that way! my nana gave me my first ever crock pot and it plugged directly into the way, which meant it had to be hand washed. those things have come a long way over the years b/c you can now find them with lift out pots that can go into the dishwasher. unfortunately, i have yet to find a self cleaning variety or one that does the floors! if you come across it, be sure to let the rest of us know.

    i am amazed that kristi and kerri don't use theirs regularly! i use mine probably once a month. it's great for making a pot of pinto or northern beans, or any variety of dry beans. or soup. or chili. things like lasagna or meat loaf i prefer to just use the oven. but, i'm not a big fan of boiling things for long periods of time, so that's when the crock pot comes in really handy! oh, and you can't forget about bbq meatballs and cocktail weinies!

    1. Thanks for all of that information! The one I looked at can be lifted out but I haven't seen the liners you mentioned anywhere on amazon. I think that means I would have to clean it myself. And I thought it could do some cleaning for ME instead!

      And now I have to google what a pot of pinto, northern beans and cocktail weinies are! ;-) Don't have a clue!


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