Monday, 7 January 2013

Back to my own routine

The house was quiet today. Sunny had returned to kindergarten, the hubs had returned to work. And as much as I love my boys being at home with me, today it felt good to return to my own routine again. As good as slipping into a pair of old, comfy shoes or cozy yoga pants.

I worked a bit from home today, did some laundry, had a quick lunch that was totally unpretentious but just perfect for me as I did not have to cook for anyone else, chose a beautiful and cool handbag out of some handbags I ordered online, went to the post office and returned the rest, talked to one of my friends on the phone for one hour, and just enjoyed being my own boss today.  

I was going to put away the Christmas tree today as we always do that after Twelfth Day. Did I mention that Sunny is not interested in the tree at all? Well, that has changed within the last days. Now he requests me to turn the lights on as soon as he enters the room and then his eyes light up just like the tree when I do so. It is so wonderful to see him love the tree like that! It just took him some time. Now I would like to keep it some more days for him (but I would like to get rid of it). We'll see how long I can still stand it ;-)

So far I am also quite good at sticking to one of the things on my not-really-resolutions list: taking better care of myself. I returned to my skin care routine (something I like to disregard from time to time just because I am lazy), I floss regularly again. This week I will also call my doctors and make appointments for various check-ups. Being important to yourself feels good.

Hope you all had such a good start into the week, too!


  1. aaawwww Joy of my joy! What a nice day it sounds like you had! Love it!! You inspired me to get a haircut (which I haven't yet made the appointment for and it's ugly - about 6 months)...

    As much as it sucks when the house is quiet, it's quite nice, too, huh? I loved this post. And I think you should keep the tree as long as you like. I still have our outdoor lights up, as Tucker loves seeing them and finding the orange one. Guess it might be his favorite color!


    1. Yay for the haircut! I have an appointment at my hairdresser for Thursday (my last appointment was also months ago!!) and I can't wait to get pampered there! Get a relaxing head massage, read gossip magazines, get a decent haircut again and maybe a new colour... awww!

      As for the tree, I bet my hubs would really like to get rid of it... ugh.

  2. Wait, first you had a day to yourself? Second, you did laundry and then flossed? Are you kidding! I would have totally vegged, so you are my hero and my dentist wished I flossed :0

    1. I would totally have such a bad conscience if I only vegged on days like yesterday! ;-) I always try to find a good work-life-balance. And yes, my dentist is always happy, too, when he finds out that I floss :-)


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