Friday, 21 December 2012

Short interim report

I am happy to inform you that, so far, the world still exists. The day is already half over and neither aliens nor Mayans have landed. No mysterious planet crossed the earth's path, no asteroids or meteors came down and I have not experienced anything else so far that was not normal. I did experience a lot of people running errands around town but we are heading into the Christmal holidays and, therefore, their behaviour is absolutely normal. I am pretty relaxed about the second half of the day. ;-)

Update at 20:32: All is quiet and normal here (well, as normal as it is in our home! ;-) ) and I am not expecting anything else for the rest of the day. What I really loved, however, was this blog post. If this were the end of the world as we know it and the outcome were the one that is described here: paradise! We should all strive to get there!
In the last few days I found myself being more tolerant and patient, e.g. when I drive around in my car and start becoming angry about another driver I tell myself that s/he might have had a hard day, maybe has a lot of problems or anything else and I start to relax. I am on my way there, too!


  1. Phew! The wind was blowing SOOOO hard at 4 am this morning in new jersey I actually started worrying that maybe the world WAS ending! so far, so good :)

    1. The day is almost over now and all is good here. :-)

  2. lol. i had forgotten all about this! ignorance is bliss i guess, 'cause i slept pretty good last night!


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