Friday, 7 December 2012

Our Christmas, Sunny style

For the past few years since Sunny was born, there wasn't a lot of Christmas celebration around the house. Don't get me wrong, of course we celebrated it. But not like it is celebrated in families with typical children.

Sunny does not like to unwrap presents, so we did not wrap them up at all. Sunny was never interested in a Christmas tree, so last year we did not even bother to put one up. Last year we tried to bake Christmas cookies together but Sunny was not interested in helping me at all. Sunny does not understand the concept of Christmas (or any other holiday, by the way), so we do not buy a heap of presents for Christmas but rather buy what he likes over the year instead of having him wait for months until he gets that one toy that he really loves. He gets one or two presents for Christmas, of course, which are carefully chosen because it is quite difficult to get something for him that he likes. Apart from that, we always buy stuff that is not age-appropriate but rather things that he can really play with and is going to enjoy. So it is more quality than quantity in our house. ;-)

This year, however, might be the first year when he may realise that there is something going on at Christmas. They talk about it at kindergarten and he seems to be getting it a bit more this year. Therefore, I look so much forward to putting up a tree this year. To try and establish some kind of special Christmas tradition in our house, one that will still meet his needs and preferences. To give him a sense of feeling that it is a special time of year, all the while not overwhelming him with too many expectations. I said goodbye to my expectations of what our Christmas should look like a long time ago and I am fine with it.

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It is the first year that he actually notices the snow (which we already have a lot of this winter!) and that he is absolutely excited about it. When I see his eyes beaming with delight about the snow and his big, fat smile full of appreciation of the wonder that is happening outside it makes my heart melt and do a happy dance! There is nothing more important in this world to me than to make my little man smile and to make him happy and I would do everything just to see that!

So, we will see what our Christmas will be like this year. Sunny will lead the way and we will gladly follow. Christmas will probably always be special and not typical in our house, but this is how we are as well. So, I guess that is okay.

Christmas is all about love. And so the biggest present that I can ever make is show Sunny each and every day how much I love him. And there is one thing I know for sure: this is a present I am giving him every day and every minute!


  1. Aw, Christmas Sunny style sounds just perfect to me! :)

    1. xoxoxo To me, too! How do you guys celebrate Christmas?

  2. when patty was in preschool, the classroom had a sand table. patty loved it. when i read your post, i thought maybe you could create a holiday themed sensory box. i wouldn't be brave enough to have a sand box inside, but i think dry rice or beans might not be too messy! if he enjoys playing with it you could switch it out for each holiday.

    we bake cookies for santa on christmas eve. patty loves cookies with frosting and sprinkles so she's always willing to help. jt, my son, never wants to help because he doesn't like the cookies. maybe sunny has a favorite dessert that he would like to help make instead of cookies? then, you could have a little mommy and me party to eat all the yummy treats! i'm thinking cute little plates and napkins in a holiday theme. and, you could do this with each holiday.

    1. Hi Misty,
      I love the idea of the sensory box! Awww, and also what you wrote about the yummy treats! I will think about that, this is an awesome idea! Thank you!


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