Thursday, 27 December 2012

Our Christmas, Sunny style - revisited

Remember this post? Now that the Christmas celebrations are over, I thought about what was different this year and what stayed the same.

Presents: He got some more presents this year and he absolutely loved them! However, I had the impression that he was already overwhelmed by the five presents he got this year. So I guess this is where our limit should be. But he played very nicely with the two presents I knew he would love the most on Christmas Eve and I am so glad we chose them so perfectly (it was a Playmobil helicopter since he is very interested in them recently and the ball path he already knew from our SLP).
What really excited me was that he unwrapped (aka ripped open) his presents almost all by himself. That was the first time ever he did that and I enjoyed it so much!

Christmas tree: There was no change here, he is not interested in the tree at all. We decorated the tree together and he liked the Christmas tree balls and wanted to take them down after I hung them up to take a closer look at them but that was about it. However, when we talk about Christmas he always points to the tree so at least he knows that it has something to do with Christmas. That is some kind of progress.

Christmas music: We have a music CD here for children with music especially for this time of year. We have had it for, I think, three years now. This year was the first time he actually listened to it. What is even more exciting is that he is actually actively listening to the texts (while doing something else like looking at a book, eating, hearing me speak, ...!) as he accompanies them with his hand signs. This is huge! I know that his receptive language is far better than his expressive language but that he listens to the texts of a music CD - wow! I was so astonished when I realised that.
As an extra bonus there are some songs on the CD that make him extra cuddly. He always asks me to play them and when I do, he wants me to take him in my arms, then he hugs me extra tightly and wants me to rock him to the music. Awww, that melts my heart since he normally is not snuggly at all! And of couse I take the chance and slow dance with him the whole day!

Baking cookies together: He was interested in helping a bit more compared to last year but not for too long. But it was some kind of tiny progress, too.

Christmas Eve: I think he got the idea that it was a special evening. My parents and mother-in-law came to visit us and it was unfamiliar for him to have so many people around the table for dinner. He was happily visiting every one of us at his or her seat and to have his grandmas around.

All in all this Christmas was really nice. I am glad that I do not have any expectations anymore with regard to what Christmas should be like. Some things work, some do not, and I am just fine with that. We will try again next year.

This is what they crafted this year in kindergarten for Christmas. It looks beautifully at the window!


  1. I am so happy that your christmas was wonderful! i especially love that you say I am glad that "I do not have any expectations anymore with regard to what Christmas should be like." THIS is the key - to appreciate how things are and rid ourselves of expectations. life never works out as planned and often times it works out even BETTER if we can allow ourselves to see the beauty in everything. You certainly did this christmas, and Im thrilled to know that every year there will be progress and joy. :)

    1. Yes, you are so right. At some point you just start to accept the facts and to settle into your "new normal" and everything will be okay. Thank you for your kind comment! xo

  2. Joy of my JOY!
    I'm so glad it was a happier Christmas. I had to chuckle a little bit about the tree...we have the opposite problem and do not even bother with getting one. Tucker is VERY interested - to the point where he takes off ornaments from anybody's tree (no matter what we say) and either plays with them or breaks them or something else embarrassing. He doesn't understand that it's special and if there is an ornament that looks like a ball (which so many do), or a ninee (airplane), or a truck, he thinks it is a toy. UGH.

    AND him doing his hand signs for the words to the music melted my heart! I hope Tucker is able to hear the words and understand them someday! I loved that part!

    I missed you and missed your blog! Like I mentioned, I've been out of town and it's now time for bed, but I can't wait to get back to "normal" schedule and be able to have some more time to connect.

    Because you are AWESOME! And Sunny is AWESOME! Just the way he is!

    Oh and every time I try to bake cookies with Tucker, I end up with a dump truck toy full of flour and not knowing how much I missed in my recipe ;)

    1. Yaay, Kristi, you are finally back!! I missed your comments and I hope you had a great time!

      Tee hee, Tucker playing with ornaments is so cute (although for you as his mother not too cool when it is at other places, I can relate to that!)!

      Yes, I was so astonished about him signing along with the lyrics. It even happens at times when he is occupied with doing something completely different and I never would expect him to listen that closely at all! Tucker will be able to do that some day, too, I am convinced of that! xoxo

      So Tucker will head to a career in the freight forwarding business field, right? ;-) Love this!

      Glad you are back!

  3. Hi, I found you through Love that Max. I'm trying to compile a list of special-needs blogs so that people can find them easily. Would you consider adding your blog to Hopefully it can help get you more traffic as well. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alana, thank you for your comment! And yes, I would love to add my blog to the list! Thank you!


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