Saturday, 29 December 2012

Off to a New Year

As the year is slowly coming to a close I thought about what I would like to do or change next year. You know, these New Year's resolutions you really believe you can handle and after three days they are completely forgotten? Actually, I stopped thinking about those. There is no point in doing that. However, there surely are some small things that I am going to tackle.

The most important thing I need to address is to take better care of myself. Whereas I am not treating myself badly, I would really like to be more thoughtful with what is good for me and act appropriately. Having this in mind I really plan on having my preventing medical checkups done in time next year. This year, I missed one for skin cancer prevention (which is quite important since I had a basal cell carcinoma when I was a teenager), one at my gynaecologist for breast and cervical cancer prevention and one at the dentist for my bi-annual checkup. It is not that I am lazy or not taking it seriously enough but I have so many appointments with Sunny that I often lose sight of my own checkups and appointments. But it scares the hell out of me to think of Sunny having to grow up without me so I better start being good to myself again. 

I hope I will also find the time to read more next year. I love reading but I only find the time for it when Sunny is in bed. However, by that time I am so drained of the day that I just want to relax in front of the TV without doing anything tiring - like reading. I hope I can change that next year as I have some books here waiting to be read. 

I am also planning on doing a so-called Mother-Child Convalescent Care with Sunny next year. It is something pretty common here and it is paid for by our health insurance. It does not have anything to do with treating an acute breakdown or anything but it is more like some kind of health prevention for mother and child. And I think it would be very good and beneficial for both of us. 

Something that is on my list every day of every year is becoming more uncluttered. I love it when everything is clean and tidy but it looks messy again in no time (why does cleaning up take so much longer??) and I just cannot figure out how to keep it tidy in our home and that just sucks. Any suggestions on how to get more organised are more than welcome!   

One very important thing I am really looking forward to is Sunny getting his first talker!! I was informed shortly before Christmas that it will be delivered to us as soon as the Holiday season is over (which is after January 6) and I cannot WAIT for him to finally get it! When I recently told him while we had dinner that he would get a talker in January he eagerly typed with his index finger on the table leaf of our dining room table as if he would use a talker! So I guess (I hope!) this this is going to really be good!!

Do you have any plans/resolutions/projects to tackle for 2013? Please tell me about them!


  1. lol. it's official, i am totally adopting your resolutions list for myself! i had already set a goal of reading one book a week, but you are completely right about the regular checkups and getting organized!

    1. Wow, one book a week would be totally unrealistic for me! Reading a book from time to time would already be a big improvement for me! Hope you will be successful with that resolution!

  2. Joy,
    I love reading too and have found that reading books on my iPhone works perfectly well and find time when Tucker is winding down getting ready to take a nap. But sometimes I miss real books, too!

    I think the Mother Child Convalescent Care sounds wonderful! I'm continually jealous of the cool services like this that seem to be acceptable in European health care. I remember when a friend of mine living in France was able to get pool and massage therapy. Bliss! What all will you and Sunny be able to do there? It sounds very nice and relaxing and like a good bonding experience.

    And I'm so excited for you that Sunny will get his first talker. I can't wait to hear how much that will open up his ability to communicate. I've heard really wonderful things about them. :)

    As far as my projects for 2013, one of the biggest is (always) to go through old paperwork and throw it away. Go through clothes I don't wear and donate them. Get rid of STUFF before I begin to look like I could be a guest on Hoarder's TV show. I also want to take better care of myself by being better about doctor's appointments, exercising more, things like that.

    Happy almost New Years!

    1. Kristi,
      Yes, compared to the US I think our services here are really good (but we still complain, though. Although I must admit that I complain less since I know how good our services really are!). First of all I have to look for a clinic both appropriate for me and, even more important, for Sunny. What is done there depends on why you go there, e.g. if you are admitted because of frequent headaches or dorsal pain or burnout etc. I will post about it when I know more myself.
      Tee hee, old paperwork is a constant pain in my neck as well! Ugh, and yeah, that thing about the Hoarder's show had me thinking, too... :-/
      Happy New Year to you, too! xoxo

  3. Those sound like great goals! It is really hard to remember to schedule our own preventive appointments isn't it? I too wish I had more energy at the end of the day for anything...I always read before bed, but I generally fall asleep after five minutes or so. :p
    Happy New Year, and by the way, I too am glad I found your blog! :)

    1. Yes, reading in bed has the same effect on me, so I do not even bother to start reading in bed ;-)
      Happy New Year to you, too! :-)


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