Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Zeitgeist 2012 - The Google year in review

I just found a video that I wanted to share. I think it perfectly represents most of the stuff that has moved, touched, annoyed, excited, and anything else a human being can feel, this last year. As I watched it I thought "oh yeah, right, this happened... oh, yes, I also remember that.... right, this moved me, too....". I think it is worth watching.

For me the space jump of Felix Baumgartner clearly was one of the most amazing things to witness this year. I can still remember the feeling of "wow, this is actually happening exactly in THIS second as I sit in front of the TV!!" since we saw it happening live. That was really breathtaking!

This was the live footage I saw on TV


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    1. Yeah, I think so, too! What was the most amazing (and positive) event for you this year?


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