Thursday, 29 November 2012

Grab a button!

My sister Kristi had a wonderful idea! She is taking care of this community of parents living in limbo, of us inhabitants of the Middle World, and made some fabulous buttons for us!! How flippin' cool is that?! So, hop over and grab a button! I will have to check out how to put them on my blog!

What I love most about them is that they are far from perfect. They are all crooked and funny and include a big smiling face. They are imperfect, just like everyone in the world is! And they radiate love, just like everyone in the world should!

You rock, sister!!


  1. It is YOU who rocks, sister!! <3
    I added a couple to the home page. Need to modify them a little bit. :)
    THANK YOU. Sharing is caring.

  2. I will try to figure it out when I'm back home again (we are away for the weekend). Also, I added your blog to my blog roll! :-*


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